For the band students…

Magee High School Marching Trojan Band
No Excuses

Dear Band Student:

Welcome to the Magee High School Marching Trojans for 2014-2015! Being a member of the MHS Band requires a great amount of responsibility and commitment. Our goal is to continue to be recognized on the local, state, and national levels as an outstanding musical organization. You must be willing to perform to the best of your abilities and to cooperate with the directors in order to uphold the reputation that has been set forth. With your talent and assistance, we are confident that we can continue this great tradition and produce an All-Superior performing group. I am excited about being your Director of Bands and leading you to be an excellent marching machine.

Please take a few moments to review the enclosed information about the upcoming Band Camp.

Band Camp:
July 24-25  Freshman Camp and Percussion Preparation  8:00-3:00 (all percussionists must be present)
July 28-July 31  Full Band Camp  Everyone must be present!  8:00-3:00
Guard meets with Miss Gray when she schedules it with you.
The ordering of marching shoes for freshmen and anyone else needing marching shoes will take place on Wednesday, July 30 at 4:00 pm after band camp.  You must pay Burnham Enterprises in cash for the amount of $33.00 or bring a check for the amount made out to the band boosters.

What to Bring To Camp:
• Comfortable shoes and socks for walking and marching (no bare feet, no flip-flops, no sandals, or
open-toed shoes).
• Shorts, tee shirt, tank-top and similar clothing appropriate for being outdoors in the summer (no halter tops, bathing suits, or clothing that is not consistent with MHSAA Code of Conduct). Shirts must be worn!
• Sun screen (SPF 50 or above) and sunglasses, insect repellent, hats, or visors
• A dish towel or equally sized cloth, wet to keep on back of neck to help with cooling and wiping sweat
• Money for lunch—lunch is not provided.  You are on your on!
• Water will be provided
• Pencil and music flip folder, and five Mason jar lids (flats) for marking positions on the field.
• Instruments, music, and drill books (another flip folder or a small photo album:3×5 or something similar
to hold drill charts)
• Marching Band lyres (music holders) (Wind players only)

We wish you a very relaxing rest of the summer, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Best wishes,
Curtis Alston                                      Marbeth Gray
Director of Bands                                             Assistant Band Director
(407) 401-4301 call or text


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