A little kindness…

Tirell Crear is a student at Magee High School. He is an athlete, media member, and takes academics very seriously. Another thing he takes seriously is helping other people. I know Tirell as a student, previous bus rider, and media member. I have always been proud of him for his even temper and good heart. He has helped me in the past as a handful of students I could always count on to get things done and done right. Tirell is a person one can really count upon. When I


found out that he was given a Random Act of Kindness Certificate for assisting a parent of a Middle School student up some stairs when she was having some difficulty, I was not surprised in the least. He is one of the students that make it a joy to teach at Magee. A student that is going somewhere great in life with an attitude that will only increase his success.


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  1. Tirell is one of my students, and he is a kind, considerate, dependable young man. I consider it a pleasure to have him as a student in my class.

  2. Tirell is a student on my bus and he is a respectable student and a fun and caring young man and with a good attitude . I wish him the best to what life has to offer him!

  3. Tirell is definitely an outstanding young man who I am enjoying having in my class this year. He is so humble. When he showed me what they gave him for helping the parent, he said “I didn’t have to get this. Helping others is just what should be done.”

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