Cross country

During the cross country season, Bryson Mills won 2nd place in one meet and 1st place in four others. He led the Trojans to 3rd place in district and he was the overall region champion.



Homecoming invitation…

Magee High would like to invite previous homecoming queens to attend this year’s homecoming and be recognized as part of the homecoming program. Please help us get the word out. If they have their crown, they should wear it. Please ask them to send us their names if they are planning to attend.  Thank you!!

From the 50’s:
Mary Frances Griggs
Betty Ann Gravis
Geraldine McIntosh

From the 60’s:
Ann McIntosh
Bettie Dennis
Jane Mangum
Becky Berry
Sandra Anderson

From the 70’s:
Gale Walker
Jan Herring
Sallye Williamson
Janet Earles
Lynn Ates
Angie Nichols
Cathy Monahan
Glenda Keys
Kay Barrett
Rita McKinley

From the 80’s:
Cindy Thompson
Jackie Keys
Allyson Allen
Demetria Kirk
Lorianne Tullos
Kathy Dampeer
Levenia Fletcher

From the 90’s:
Jennifer Runnels
Alise Blackwell
Kristy Earles
Angie Eavenson
Jada Kirk
Chrisanna Brown
Lasondra Hayes
Alisha Davis
Patrice Durr
Tanya Patterson
Arlisha Griffith

From the 2000’s:
Rebecca Brown
Sarah Jones
Marcia Hays
Tasha Smith
Kayla Hubbard
Kassie Ibarra
Brittany Watts
Tatiunna Porte
Keoshia Holloway
Sheawana Weathersby
Daii Gardner

Media club meeting

There will be a media club meeting after school, Thursday 20th of August immediately after the buses leave for individuals interested in joining the Media Club.  It will last about thirty minutes.  Those interested should expect the requirements of a good GPA, either a good behavior record or the willingness to have one from the moment they join,  be able to dedicate time to cutting and editing photos and film, and willingness to work at after school events.

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